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#TwentiesWoman: Comfort Udofia (Lacici)

Comfort Udofia, otherwise known as Lacici, is a graduate of Mass Communication graduate from Bowen University Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria. She is a certified MUA from LA college of creative arts, Dublin. We ask about her brand, Lacici, and hope this encourages women, in their twenties, with a similar dream.



IMT: Tell us a bit about your business?

Comfort: I am the CEO of Lacici. Lacici is a 2-year-old freelance beauty company which provides makeup services and goods, as well as offer consultation services to clients on matters relating to makeup, skin and beauty as a whole.

IMT: What led your interest to the concept of this business idea?

Comfort: I’ll say that makeup for me started as a hobby out of boredom and my waiting at home during the period of going for my National youth service Corp, I just saw myself watching YouTube and learning how to paint my face and that of my friends and sister who offered to let me do my rubbish on them at that time LOL. I then realised my interest for it as I bought new makeup products, and gradually turned it into a money making business; this helped solve my needs at that time and I never stopped investing in it since then.

IMT: How long did it take you to turn your concept into the brand it is today?

Comfort: I’ll say a year, although I had been doing makeup for about 2 and a half years. I only just became a professional, and enlightened (I don’t mean in term of certification, I mean in term of what an actual makeup brand or business should look like). Even till now, I’m still in the process of giving my brand a face and feel of what I want it to look like.

IMT: What was your biggest fear starting out?

Comfort: Staying average. I used to say failure, but it didn’t take me time to realise that as an entrepreneur failure is bound to happen and is only the best recipe for success because I was never going to grow if I didn’t try and fail. I then knew how much I was willing to put into this, I will walk over failure with ease and the grace of God. I was only more concerned about being the average MUA or beauty entrepreneur because I never want to be associated with the pack, I always want to grow and stay different.

IMT: What is unique about your brand?

Comfort: LOL… I’m the unique thing about my brand…. LOL teasing… I’ll say that unlike a lot of makeup artists out there who solely do this to meet ends meet (of course, I want to make money too, in fact, a lot of it LOL) client satisfaction and relationship, however, comes first for my brand. It is the most fulfilling thing ever and why I’ll give and go an extra mile to see my client smile.

Also, I don’t only offer makeup services. On client consultations, I give useful and honest beauty and makeup tips, as well as help my clients get the best products that suit them because I believe to a certain extent you should still feel and make yourself look beautiful at all times without a professional touch. If you, however, need a pro’s touch and that pro is me LOL.

Although some professionals see it as selling out your ideas, I’m constantly evolving and learning I can’t exhaust all my knowledge, but I see it as building trust and relationships because people will always come to you when they know you know what you’re doing and can provide solutions to the problems they seek.




IMT: What are the challenges your brand faced at the inception and is currently facing?

Comfort: I’ll say networking, and the right push and staying different. The market is overpopulated and you constantly need to push yourself out there in the best way possible to attract your own market.

IMT: Over the years what skills have you developed from being an entrepreneur?

Comfort: I understand the art of makeup application more; I pay a lot of attention to details now, and also the art of building clientele and networking.

IMT: Do you currently have employees?

Comfort: Yes, I do. But it is not on an official or contract basis, it is basically on calls whenever I need them.

IMT: To what do you attribute your success so far?

Comfort: God, patience, passion and hard work.

IMT: How do you handle the backlash your brand gets?

Comfort: I am my greatest critic. I often see my flaws and know my weaknesses before anyone does; when I get backlashed it hurts sometimes, however, I already recognise any backlash and already working on it before it is communicated.




IMT: How do you balance being a business woman and your social life?

Comfort: LOL… I’m quite a boring person. I practically don’t have a social life and it basically just works for me.
IMT: What is the biggest lesson learnt in your early twenties in 5 words? Business wise and otherwise?

Comfort: I need God and I need to keep moving

IMT: What advice will you give someone with a similar dream or someone who is just starting out?

Comfort: You need God’s directions. Believe in your journey. Don’t be in a hurry. Never stop learning and never stop putting your all into it.

IMT: What’s the future like for your brand?

Comfort: Lacici is going to be a successful household name, locally and internationally, that provides makeup services and goods. She will also be a successful beauty influencer/vlogger who would have worked with other huge makeup and cosmetic brands to bring smiles and the right information to her loyal and prestigious clients and followers all over the world.

IMT: How do we get in touch with you to get your product?

Comfort: Lacici can be reached via Instagram ( @lacici_), or via Email ( or via my business line (+2348173605782).




Thank you for taking time out to answer the questions and to be featured as our #TwentiesWoman.

We appreciate you!

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