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Endless Learning And Its Advantages

We spend most of our early lives learning things from our textbooks that are, if we are being honest, easy to forget. Once the years of textbooks studying and lecture attending ends, we then begin to focus more on our careers, family and maybe friends. One good thing about learning is that we do not have to attend lectures or continue to read textbooks to keep learning; we can learn from people around us and their experiences, from social media and much more.

The question is: why do we have to keep learning?

Here are a few reasons to make continuous learning a priority in our lives:


To keep our minds alert: Previous studies have shown that mental aptitudes are best protected if we use them often. Reading a book or having sensible conversations will help make our minds sharp even without attending lectures. Like the popular saying goes ”an idle mind is devil’s workshop”.

To work on becoming our better selves: Not only is learning good for our minds, and emotional beings; learning something new can be exciting! It allows us to focus on our self-care by taking time to work on our personal leadership, goals and dreams.

To improve our professional skills: We are all fully aware that our economy is a knowledge-based economy where developing our skills is a continuous process and vital for success. Once we decide to keep learning new professional skills, it will help us grow professional because truly our academic experience is sometimes not enough.

To build our confidence: Confidence building is a personal decision. Continuous learning will allow us to identify our strengths and weaknesses; it will allow to also identify ways to improve on them. This is an important key to success.

To get new opportunities: Lastly, long-life learning open doors to new opportunities through networking and communicating with other individuals. You turn out to be more familiar, refined and have a better sense of the world.

Do you see yourself as a long lasting learner? How would you put that dedication into practice?

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