Create The Things You Wish Existed.

“This is bigger than me”

By this, I mean (IMT) In My Twenties. I initally was going to post a sob excuse post on why the last post on this blog was in January 2017, not until I was this – “create the things you wish existed”

In 2015, I wished IMT existed. I wished I was part of a network of women in their twenties who are striving to do great things. So instead of sitting and wishing, I pushed myself to see this become a reality. IMT is the first thing I have ever developed – from idea to execution. I am proud of her but unfortunately, I have become one of those people who creates for creating sake and I am terribly ashamed of myself.

“You can’t give what you don’t have”

The easiest form of writing for me has always been writing from experience. The way I viewed IMT, I want to use the platform to share the journey that led to successes of women in their twenties; and while I try to build such network, you would think the easiest way to get honest and raw story is to start from myself but unfortunately, I can’t give what I do not have.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

Often is the key word here. I wonder when my difficult road will end. Like a sign should pop up an say “no more difficult road to turn” lol. But you see, most of my difficulties, I choose them. I made the choice and neglected to be futuristic with my thinking, I didn’t make the choice to say no when I should have or walk away when I could have.

So this week, I am going to share most of my difficulties and lessons learnt. I have been reminiscing on them lately so it’s only fair I do just that.

Will you join me?

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